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Holiday cottage aggregator website

Cottages for Couples

Cottages for Couples

How do you make your website look simple when it's got complex integrations underneath?

The Cottages for Couples website connects to third party data feeds and apis.  We needed to complete the complicated integrations, while making the front of the website as easy to use as possible. 

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Cottages for Couples

April 2014

  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Coded for fast SEO crawling

CottagesForCouples.Com is a family run and owned business. Having had much success over the years they wanted to capitalise on this and implement a responsive site with improvements to their core user action such as search and add on some brand new features.


We went through their analytics to identify where we could improve the search functions and then tested some scenarios to study user search behaviour.

Using this we then managed to recreate their search making it not only easier for users but giving them more control on the search limitations. We also took the time to improve their branding to give their logo and new site a unique 'personality' amongst their competitors.

Cottages for Couples
Cottages for Couples


We hope that the new responsive design will make it easier for cottage searchers and cottage owners alike to search and manage cottages on the site which will in turn lead to more availability enquiries for cottage owners and a higher conversion rate of new searchers.

"I have to say that the new look and feel of the website has more than exceeded our expectations and as ever yourself and the team have been really attentive throughout the whole process, from the initial design through to the 'live' date and afterwards. Many thanks on a great new product!"
Allison Hanby - Cottages for Couples

Searching for a romantic cottage away for two has never been easier and Cottages for Couples not only looks great but works great too. You could say it's a match made in heaven...

Graham Miller
Graham Miller

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