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Website for Personalised Clothing company

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Elite Embroidery

How do you create a new website that makes the complicated simple?

Elite Embroidery specialize in providing customized products for businesses in a variety of industries, including workwear, corporate, and hospitality.  They wanted a new website to make it easy for their customers to buy products from them online.

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April 2024


  • E-commerce
  • Category page filtering
  • Product customisation options
  • Offers and bundles
  • Trade customer login
  • SEO friendly
  • Full CMS
  • Migration of all orders from old site
  • Ability to print picking lists, invoices and delivery notes
  • Detailed sales and order reports
  • Integration with shipping label api

Buying personalised clothing can be complicated, and managing a website that allows your customers to personalise their clothing can be even more complicated.

We created a website for Elite Embroidery to make the complicated simple.

Existing customers can log in and see their previous orders, and previous customisations. 

New customers can easily find what they are looking for and personalise the clothing to suit their needs.

And Elite Embroidery can manage the whole thing from a custom made content management system that aims to make their job of looking after customers as easy as possible, leaving them more time to increase their sales and grow the business.

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increase in organic traffic
June 24 compared to June 23


We're proud of the way we created something that mirrors Elite Embroidery's innovation and attention to detail. We looked after the smallest details and aimed to make a big difference to their business.

A beautiful website and a seamless user experience. 

Graham Miller
Graham Miller
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Do you want a website like this?

We work in partnership with our clients to transform their business and achieve real results. If you want a website like this, or something similar please contact Graham Miller from the Newcastle office.

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