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Website for face mask manufacturer

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Taking a business to the next level

Silverguard sell antibacterial face coverings, towels and bedding.  They wanted to improve their e-commerce offering and expand their product range.

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January 2022


  • CMS
  • Responsive design
  • Opayo integration
  • Promotional discount codes
  • Analytics e-commerce tracking

Selling online

At the beginning of the pandemic we created a website for Silverguard to showcase their anti-microbial textile products.  As the demand for their products grew they expanded their range and wanted to improve their website to make more sales online, and to display the full product range.

We designed a new website for them with a focus on e-commerce, giving them the ability to fully control the product prices and promotions.

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We hope that the new website will lead to more sales, and help Silverguard continue to grow and add more product lines.

"The team at Edward Robertson were fantastic at taking our vision of what we wanted for our website and turning it into a reality that was even better than we originally imagined. They pre-empted our queries and suggested things that we hadn't even considered - all to make our new website easy to navigate for our customers and just as easy for us to use behind the scenes. "
Stephanie Dunn-Moorhouse, Silverguard

Silverguard have a reputation for selling high quality products and we wanted that to come across on the new site. Mission complete!

Chris Prusakiewicz
Chris Prusakiewicz
Web Designer
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