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Website for jewellery maker

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Ginny D

How do you move your business online?

Ginny D wanted to completely revamp her website, to help sell more items post-Covid.

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October 2020


  • CMS
  • Responsive design
  • Sagepay integration
  • Stock level countdown
  • Promotional discount codes
  • Redeemable gift vouchers
  • Analytics e-commerce tracking

Moving to a digital business

Ginny D used to sell her exclusive, handmade jewellery at trade shows and events, but post Covid, she had to move the entire business online.

We redesigned and updated the whole website, moving her to a more robust platform, and adding in tools such as discount codes and redeemable gift vouchers that would help the website sales to fill the post-Covid gap.

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e-commerce conversion rate
November 2020


The website went live on Halloween, and we think it's boo-tiful!

One of my favourite sites to work on so far, we hope this new and improved website helps Ginny D to sell more online.

Chris Prusakiewicz
Chris Prusakiewicz
Web Designer
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Do you want a website like this?

We work in partnership with our clients to transform their business and achieve real results. If you want a website like this, or something similar please contact Graham Miller from the Newcastle office.

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