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Logo, Brand and Website Design

Roam Everywhere

Roam Everywhere

We were tasked with creating the brand and Web site for an all-new social smartphone app.

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Roam Everywhere

May 2016

  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Coded for fast SEO crawling

Taking the 'Roar' as inspiration, we designed a lion head logo as a first step. We wanted to make sure it would work primarily as an instantly-recognisable app icon.

Roam Everywhere
Roam Everywhere


The brand reflects the young, fun-loving demographic that Roar is aimed at.

The website works to promote both the use of the app by end-users, and the full suite of management facilities for the venues featured on the Roar App.

As the brand and the Web site were designed in tandem, they integrate with eachother - and the app - perfectly.

I'm really pleased with the brand we designed for Roar. It hits all of the requirements for an app, and the Web site we built to showcase it really does it justice.

Allen Brindle
Allen Brindle
Principal Senior Web Designer

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