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Client: Pondkeeper

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 the brief

You have a successful online store. But how do you further improve your online sales and conversions? Pondkeeper is a leading pond supplies specialist that sells online from their base in Billingham, UK. We were asked to increase their e-commerce sales and conversions on their already popular and successful e-commerce store by identifying sections that could be improved and then overhauling the design of their website.

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Client: Pondkeeper
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Project Image
Project Image

 how we tackled it

We designed the new website to look more professional, more inviting and easier to use.

We helped increase conversions by making the checkout process clearer, leaner and using tried and tested design techniques to increases customer trust in the payment process.

Sales were increased using cross-selling techniques, making use of their product reviews to better inform purchases and utilising responsive design techniques so that they could take advantage of the mobile and tablet sales they were missing out on.

 the result

We've successfully increased online sales and conversions over a short time period and helped Pondkeeper deliver an excellent digital service.

While Pondkeeper have always been a leader in their field, the new responsive website keeps them firmly at the top of the pecking order amongst their competitors.

"Pondkeeper already had a solid foundation so we're proud to have not only kept costs down by using what was already working for them but also dramatically improve their online presence and revenues."

Graham Miller
Graham Miller

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