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E-commerce website for clothing shop

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Harris Tweed Shop

How Do You Sell Online to Local and Global Customers? 

From their Newtonmore Store, the world famous Harris Tweed Shop want to sell their products to customers around the globe.

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October 2021


  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • E-commerce
  • Gift vouchers
  • Trade only login
  • Product personalisation options
  • Worldpay integration

We designed the website so that customers would see the beauty of the Harris Tweed items, and find it easy to buy them online.  

To help the Harris Tweed Shop sell around the world we added the ability to display the prices in different currencies, as well as showing the delivery prices for different destinations around the globe.

We developed a trade-only section, so that wholesalers can log in and buy trade-only items, and we also developed a personalisation tool, so customers can customize their clothing with different linings and finishes.

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Harris Tweed is the most famous fabric in the world and the only one protected by an Act of Parliament - only the skilled craftsmen and women of the Outer Hebrides know how to make it and, by law only they are allowed to do so.  From our office in Newcastle we were lucky enough to work with the Harris Tweed Shop to create the new website.

"It’s been a pleasure working you and with your friendly professional team, we are delighted with the fresh look you have given to our website. I’m going for the champagne now to celebrate, we will raise our glasses to you!"
Nigel Nicol, Managing Director - Harris Tweed Shop

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