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Client: Local Wine School

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 the brief

The Local Wine School offer wine tasting courses all across the UK and wanted a website design that showcased their latest courses and whereabouts the courses where.

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Client: Local Wine School
Website URL: http://www.localwineschool.com/

Local Wine School

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 how we tackled it

We built a bespoke CMS that let them add and edit courses as and when they required them as well as implement a Google Map that allows them to simply drop their latest courses onto the map for all to view.

 the result

Course enquiries and bookings have significantly increased since the website launch and the Local Wine School continues to update the site with their new and innovative courses.

"Wine Tasting is seen as something for the upper classes. This is why we wanted to help bring wine tasting to the mainstream. The trick is tasting, not gulping!"

Graham Miller
Graham Miller

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