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Client: Last Frontiers

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 the brief

Last Frontiers specialise in tailor made travel to Latin America and run their own website through their own custom CMS. What they needed was a responsive template that gave them the flexibility of utilising all the great tools they already had.

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Client: Last Frontiers
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Last Frontiers

Project Image
Project Image

 how we tackled it

We worked closely with their in-house team to create scenarios for each section of the site that were then fine tuned through several iterations.

 the result

The site looks great and showcases their wealth of content, imagery and expertise on the areas of the world they are clearly passionate about.

We hope to see a solid increase in enquiries and bookings with the new site.

 what they said

Edward Robertson Web Design in Newcastle did all the pretty stuff and put up with our dithering and pedantic attention to detail for a whole year, for which I'm really grateful.

Edward Paine, Director, Last Frontiers

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"Last Frontiers has a small but highly passionate and knowledgeable team and we hope that their new site helps persuade people that not only exploring Latin America is a life-changing experience but that they should do it with Last Frontiers."

Paul Tissington
Paul Tissington

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