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Client: Grooms & Vrooms

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 the brief

We were tasked with creating a brand for a new specialist car hire firm. With a fantastic range of classic automobiles, the emphasis was on communicating the prestigious and aspirational nature of the offering.

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Client: Grooms & Vrooms
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Grooms & Vrooms

Project Image
Project Image

 how we tackled it

We decided to use the Jaguar E-Type form in the logo, as it is regarded by many as the most desirable car ever made. It's a real unique selling point for the company. We coupled that with Trajan, one of the most popular classical typefaces.

We wanted to create a dark site, with the splashes of colour being the cars themselves. We went with a heavily image-based design, keeping text to a minimum to give the cars further impact.

 the result

The end result is a site that conveys the beauty of these automobiles. The design is understated, allowing the cars to speak for themselves.

It also works great across computers, tablets and phones.

Project Image
"It's been really enjoyable working on this site, as well as the brand identity. The cars themselves are just fantastic, and hopefully we've built a site that does them justice!"

Allen Brindle
Allen Brindle

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