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Website for games development company

Coconut Lizard

Coconut Lizard

How do you demonstrate your expertise in games development on a website? 

Coconut Lizard are specialists in developing and shipping Unreal Engine games across all platforms.

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Coconut Lizard

February 2018

  • Responsive Design
  • CSS animation / parallax scrolling
  • HTML5 canvas animation
  • CMS

  • Quick load time 
  • Coded for full SEO crawling

The website needed to promote their capabilities, and encourage prospective customers to get in touch.


We designed the Coconut Lizard website to appeal to their audience and we used web animation techniques to being their work to life.

Balancing the animation and images with the loading time, we created something that looks great on all screen sizes and loads fast.

Coconut Lizard
Coconut Lizard


Although fun to do, animation isn't always appropriate for all websites, so we enjoyed being able to cut loose on this project.  More importantly, Coconut Lizard were happy too.

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