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Website for an engineering business

Whorlton Functional Safety

Whorlton Functional Safety

How do you get a small business to look like a global leader?

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Whorlton Functional Safety

March 2015

  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Coded for search engine visibility

Whorlton Functional Safety provide functional safety to businesses. We were asked to update their website so that it would project an image of a highly professional, global business capable of working with a broad range of clients. The objective of the new site was to generate enquiries from prospective customers.

We designed and developed a fully responsive website, with some nifty responsive techniques we hadn't used before, such as FitText on the large introductory text, and a static top navigation bar that shrinks as you scroll down the page.

Whorlton Functional Safety


We're confident that the new website will have improved search engine visibility, engage customers more and give better results.

Despite selling safety, the new site doesn't play it too safe.

Graham Miller
Graham Miller
Graham Miller
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