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Website for national charity

TDI: The Derwent Initiative

TDI: The Derwent Initiative

How do we spread awareness to improve public protection?

TDI is a national charity founded to improve public protection by finding practical and creative solutions to the problem of sexual offending. They wanted a revamp of their website to incorporate the latest responsive web design practices and to better service their leisurewatch members.

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TDI: The Derwent Initiative

March 2014

  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Coded for fast SEO crawling

Using their existing content and working on methods to better organise and facilitate the sharing and digestion of it, we come up with a site that services the two basic types of user expected: new and existing users. 

This together with the latest iteration of our CMS means that TDI can now have greater control over their content.

TDI: The Derwent Initiative
TDI: The Derwent Initiative


The new site is more modern and intuitive and now really showcases some of the great content that The Derwent Initiative has to offer. We hope it now leads to attracting new members and helps them build stronger bonds with their existing ones.

Such a serious subject calls for a serious solution and that's what we believe we have achieved for The Derwent Initiative

Graham Miller
Graham Miller

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