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Website for a wedding dress shop

Poppy Bridal

Poppy Bridal

How do you get your own sense of style across on a website?

Poppy Bridal is a stylish wedding dress shop in Darlington.

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Poppy Bridal

December 2016

  • Responsive Design
  • Built for search engine visibility
  • Calls to action
  • CMS

Poppy Bridal have helped hundreds of brides choose the perfect wedding dress to create the look and feel they desire. Their affordable wedding dresses are available in a variety of styles, sizes and designers and they are renowned for their friendly and professional service.

We structured the website so that each dress and designer would have its own page, to improve the search engine optimisation. Then we designed a simple, minimalist website to show the wedding dress images at their best.  

Poppy Bridal


We enjoy working with our clients to get the best results possible.  When they ask will we do something we say "I do"!

Graham Miller
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We work in partnership with our clients to transform their business and achieve real results. If you want a website like this, or something similar please contact Graham Miller from the Newcastle office.

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