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Website for NHS Clinical Network

Northern Neonatal Network

Northern Neonatal Network

How do you make it easy for people to find the information they need?

The Northern Neonatal Network provide specialist and intensive neonatal care to babies born in the North East and Cumbria.  They wanted to update their website, so that it communicated information in a more user friendly way.

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Northern Neonatal Network

November 2020

  • CMS
  • Responsive design
  • Conforms to NHS brand guidelines

Get it right from the beginning

Nornet had an old websites with lots of good content, but it was difficult to use and to get around.  We worked with them to take all of the existing information, then we structured it in a much more user-friendly way, and set up a new website that would make it a lot easier for people to find what they are looking for.

We integrated the website with a full Content Management System so that they can keep the content, blog and events up to date themselves.

Northern Neonatal Network
Northern Neonatal Network
" I think the new site looks fantastic and I just want to thank you once again for all your hard work on setting it up and the support/advice you’ve given us as we’ve worked through it on the content etc. We look forward to further developing it in the coming months!"
Martyn Boyd, Northern Neonatal Network Manager

If your website has great content but looks out of date or is hard to use, there's no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater.   We can keep all of your text, while improving the way the website looks and how it works.

Graham Miller
Graham Miller
Graham Miller
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