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Website for a swimming club

North Tyneside Swimming Club

North Tyneside Swimming Club

North Tyneside Swimming Club is an independent competitive club based at the Lakeside Centre in Killingworth and the Hadrian Centre in Wallsend.  They took the plunge and asked us to redesign their website.

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North Tyneside Swimming Club

January 2018

  • Responsive Design
  • CMS
  • Document library


North Tyneside is a busy swimming club, and they have a lot of information that needs to be updated quickly.  We worked with them to organise the website so that people could find what they want, and we set it up so that it would be easy to keep up to date.

North Tyneside Swimming Club
North Tyneside Swimming Club


As Michael Phelps put it "There will be obstacles. there will be doubters. there will be mistakes. but with hard work, there are no limits."

"The website is brilliant and getting good feedback already!"
Stephe, North Tyneside Swimming Club
Graham Miller
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