Responsive e-commerce design for Jespers of Harrogate

Client: Jespers of Harrogate

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 the brief

Jespers of Harrogate required an updated, responsive E-commerce site to showcase their carefully curated products.

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Client: Jespers of Harrogate
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Jespers of Harrogate

Project Image
Project Image

 how we tackled it

Jespers of Harrogate are a long-established, trusted family name. We wanted to do justice to the heritage of the company, while also delivering a functional modern design.

Reflecting their broad range of products meant that we needed to produce a design that was visually flexible.

 the result

Underpinned by a clear, subtle design framework, the Web site showcases the broad product range stocked by Jespers.

A bold colour stripe allows the site to change personality, depending on the type of product being viewed.

The site also works beautifully across screens of all sizes, from smartphones up to full HD desktop screens.

Project Image
"We worked really hard to strike the right balance with the Jespers of Harrogate design. We wanted it to feel respectful of their heritage, while also comfortably showcasing a range of traditional and modern products. The client is very happy with the result."

Allen Brindle
Allen Brindle

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