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Client: Durham City Freemen

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 the brief

Records for the Freemen of Durham City go back to 1450 but they wanted a responsive redesign of their informative and educational website that adheres to more modern standards.

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Client: Durham City Freemen
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Durham City Freemen

Project Image
Project Image

 how we tackled it

Utilising their abundance of content and resources, we worked on a design that helped bring the traditions of the Freemen to the fore.

 the result

The new website is packed with content but designed in a format that makes navigation easy and intuitive. New and existing members of the Freemen will find interaction with the group easier than ever.

 what they said

Edward Robertson have done a fantastic job for the Durham City Freemen, creating an easy to manage website that reflects the ancient and modern traditions of the Freemen. Throughout the development process they were happy to responded to our needs, understood the brief and delivered in a timely, friendly and professional manner.

John Booth, Durham City Freemen

"A well established historical group shouldn't have to put up with a historical website! The new site brings them straight back to the present day."

James Weatheritt
James Weatheritt

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