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Website for local community group

Belford Village

Belford Village

How do you get a website to reflect a whole village?

Belford Village Community Group wanted a website to reflect the village of Belford, its history, organisations, traders, services and facilities; to residents and to visitors.

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Belford Village

June 2017

  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Photography

We worked with the Belford Village Community Group to agree the website structure, then we designed the website with the many audiences and objectives in mind.


Mobile phone coverage isn't great in the village, so we had to make sure the mobile version of the website was super quick to download.

Belford Village
Belford Village


We really enjoyed visiting Belford to work on the website, and we hope it helps to revitalise this Northumberland village.

"It's fantastic, so much better than we had hoped for. !"
Amanda, Belford Village Community Group

If you're visiting Northumberland then don't miss beautiful Belford Village.  The new website is very nice too! 

Graham Miller
Graham Miller

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