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We've Always Been Responsive to Our Customers...

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And by that I mean that we're not the kind of web agency that sets up your web site and leaves you to fend for yourself.  We've always been available to chat about making the most of your web site, sorting out the technical stuff or helping you to overcome any hurdles that pop up along the way.

But now we're a responsive web design agency in a different way - we're creating responsive web sites, web sites that respond to the device that is being used to look at them.  Responsive web sites look just as good on an iPhone or iPad as on a desktop computer, but crucially they look different, delivering a different experience to mobile users who are normally navigating your site with one thumb while on the sofa, on a train or out and about.
We've some responsive web sites in development right now, look out for them being launched soon.  It's an exciting new area of web design, and we're thrilled to be at the cutting edge.

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By Graham Miller (Google+), Director, Edward Robertson Limited

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