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Top Ten Responsive Web Sites

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Top Ten Responsive Web Sites

Hello pop-pickers, and welcome to the run down of our Top Ten Favourite Responsive Web Sites.

We love building responsive web sites (web sites that adapt to fit best into the screen of the device being used to look at it, so they work just as well on a smartphone or a tablet as they do on a desktop computer) and there are some marvellous new responsive web sites being released every day.

So without further ado here are our current favourites, starting at number 10...

10. Microsoft

As soon as huge brands like Microsoft started building responsive web sites, we knew it was the way forward (not that we weren't sure beforehand!)

9. A Book Apart

It was Ethan Marcotte's book that got us hooked on responsive design, so it's fitting to include the site selling the book here.

8. Koken

This site just looks gorgeous at any screen size. Incredible attention to detail.

7. World Wildlife Fund

What makes responsive web design hard? Big sites with lots of high res imagery. The WWF site beats responsive design into submission...

6. Andolini's Pizzeria

If your audience want the site on a mobile device, give them a responsive site. To use their words "Pizza for the masses just went mobile".

5. Currys

A fine example of a responsive large e-commerce web site, and the first high street big name to do so. Many more will follow.

4. Anderson Wise

Shows that responsive web design doesn't have to compromise on beautiful visuals.

3. The Future of Narrative Media

Another design-led site leading the way in Responsive design.

2. Roxik Cat

Responsive web sites can be fun - try stretching and shrinking the Roxik cat!

1. Schofield and Sims

Yes it's one of ours, but the new site we created has had excellent sales conversions from mobile devices, showing that responsive sites really do work.

schofield and sims

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