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The Importance of Aesthetics

Paul Tissington Posted by
The Importance of Aesthetics

Much has been made of the need to make things usable or to concentrate on functionality but sometimes we have to consider that aesthetics for the sake of aesthetics do play a considerable part of web design.

This is because of a simple idea. Better looking things are perceived to work better than things with equal functionality and lead to a more positive experience.

It may sound simple but when things are ultra competitive it's fine margins such as these that need to be taken advantage of.

So thinking about the likelihood that many web sites operate and function in a similar manner (due to conventions that have been established over the years such as 'logo in the top left', 'Add to cart' button in e-commerce, etc) then aesthetics have to be considered if you are to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Mobile phone providers (e.g. EE, Vodaphone, O2) are a great example of this - they also offer a virtually identical service but what sets them apart from each other is the aesthetics they employ in their brands, their packaging and any other time you interact with their service. 

Once you have your site fully functional and useable, think about the finer details:

  • Are your calls to action clear?
  • Is the tone right? i.e. is it modern enough, is it playful enough, is it serious enough, etc
  • Do your links have enough affordance for both click and touch devices?
  • Are your colours and visual aids consistent?
  • Do your fonts look strong and unique?
  • Is your text easily readable; think about the size and line height

If you take the time to really get your site looking attractive then it could be the difference between whether you convert your next sale or not.

If you thinking about a getting an e-commerce web site or want to give your current one a refresh using some of these ideas, please get in touch.

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