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Ten Ways to Get More Out of Your Web Site in 2014

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Ten Ways to Get More Out of Your Web Site in 2014

Make sure you get a measurable return from your web site this year with our top ten tips for 2014:

Freshen It Up

1. Add a blog, and try to write a blog post once a week or so.

Go Social

2. Add some social media sharing tools, making it easy for people to tell their friends and followers about you.

3. Integrate your social media accounts with your web site, so people can see what you're up to, follow and like you without having to leave your site.

4. Consider Google plus. It might not be anywhere near as popular as Facebook and Twitter, but it has a considerable impact on your Google ranking.

Get More Out of Your Visitors

5. Use clear calls to action on your buttons and links. Words like buy, register, call and donate nudge your visitors towards the actions you want them to take.

6. Give your visitors a reason to make that action today. Try a time limited offer, a discount or a freebie.

Think Mobile

7. This is the year that mobile Internet usage will overtake desktop usage, so make sure your web site is responsive, or at least works well on a mobile phone and a tablet.

Win the Search Engine War

8. Revisit your key words. If you optimized your site for specific key words when you first set it up, make sure these are still the best ones to be targeting. Don't forget those long-tail keywords and key phrases too.

9. Check your page content and make sure your important key words are prominent (or even better, in the title and headline) on the page.

Be Quick

10. Not only does Google penalize slow-loading pages, but heavy images are a massive turn-off to mobile visitors. Make sure your site loads fast, and optimize those images to within an inch of their lives with Photoshop's "save for web" feature.

Bonus Tip

Analyse, Track and Measure,

11. Add goals or e-commerce tracking to your analytics reports and get the fuller picture on how your site is performing and how it can be improved.


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