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Sold! New Estate Agents Site goes Live

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Sold! New Estate Agents Site goes Live

Today we put the new Browns Estate Agency web site live, which is a real step forward from the old site (which we created a few years back).

The new site allows customers to search for properties for sale or for rent, and shows the results either as a list or plotted on a google map.

The old site used to be heavily linked with some estate agency software called Aspasia, the Aspasia properties were only shown via an iframe on the Browns site (a kind of cut out window through to Aspasia).

The new site pulls all of the properties from Aspasia, via an XML feed, and stores them on the Browns web site.  Not only does this mean we can search and display the properties as we think best, but there are massive search engine benefits from having the properties actually on the Browns site.

Simon Brown from Browns Estate Agency wasn't shy in his comments "Everybody I have showed it to bl@@dy loves it!! I hope you guys are pleased with your work". We are very pleased.

You can see the new site at

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