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Responsive Web Site Gets Return Already

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Responsive Web Site Gets Return Already

We created a web site for a top London planning law firm, and they've got new work from it already.

We launched last month, and today Paul said:

"This seems an appropriate point to express our immense gratitude to you for the help and guidance that you have provided to us in setting up our web site.

As you know, it took us 3 years to get down to working on the web site and that was partly due to pressure of work and partly due to our inexperience in such projects. You made the whole process relatively simple and pain-free. I was very impressed by your work on the JPLC web site and am pleased to say that the high quality of that site has at least been maintained in creating our own. Within a week or so of its inauguration, we have already obtained new work from a new client as a result of the web site.

This seems to be a very good and immediate return on the limited time and cost involved in setting it up with your expert help."

The web site is responsive, which means it adapts to suit the device being used to look at. We're very pleased with it, even more so now that it has worked so well in such a short space of time.

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