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Responsive Web Site for Oxford University Conference

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Responsive Web Site for Oxford University Conference

The new web site for the Joint Planning Law Conference, held in Oxford University, has just gone live, and it's one of our first fully responsive web sites.

Responsive web sites adapt to suit the way they are being looked at, so the the site changes to suit a desktop screen, a tablet such as an ipad or a smartphone. It means that rather than build different sites for different devices, one web site adapts to suit them all.

You can get an idea of how it changes to suit larger and smaller screens by looking at the site and changing the width of your browser window - you should be able to see the site flex and change to best suit the available space.

It benefits the JPLC conference organisers as they don't need separate mobile phone apps, the site looks just as good on a smartphone as it does on a large desktop computer screen.

We create a flexible, grid based layout, use flexible images and use media queries to serve different stylesheets to different devices. And it's a lot more fuin than it sounds!

Visit the site at and take a look yourself.

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