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Not Secure - Why is Google Chrome about to flag most websites

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Not Secure - Why is Google Chrome about to flag most websites

Around a year ago we blogged about Google's changes to the Chrome Browser which would see sites display a

You can read that blog here: Upcoming security changes in Google Chrome - what you need to know. (Oct 2016)

Now, however, Google are moving to the next phase of this plan and from Version 62 (to be released this month) they will mark all web-pages that contain a form as "Not Secure" if that page is not utilising https: (SSL) technology.

Long term, Google plan to mark all web-pages served over http:// as "Not Secure" - So even if your website does not collect data or require user input, if you don't have an SSL your users will see the words "Not Secure" immediately before your website's URL in the address bar.

Many of the large online sites (not just retailers) have already made the move to permanent encryption to avoid their users seeing these warnings and as the industry moves in this direction users will begin to distrust any site that does not encrypt it's traffic by default.

As we are firm believers in "practice what you preach" you'll see that our own site is only available over a secure channel which is proven by that reassuringly lovely green padlock symbol and the word "Secure" too!

If you're worried about the affect these upcoming changes will have on your site and /or your customers then now really is the time to act!

Get in touch with us and we'll help you with the whole process, offering a simple solution that's tailored to you, your customers and the needs of your website.

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