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New School web site is Top Class

Graham Miller Posted by
New School web site is Top Class

Today we launched the new web site for Westfield School, an independent school for girls in Gosforth in Newcastle.

It's a web site I'm very proud of, the team here has done some fantastic work on the design and on the technical development of it.  We spent as much time planning it as we did building it, and I think that shows in the finished product.  The site is well laid out, there are clear calls to action and the content is first rate.
We couldn't have put it any better when Joanna Stead from Westfield said the site was 'A perfect balance of innovation, practicality and creativity.' She also commented that 'Edward Robertson has captured the essence of our school ethos and community'.
We created their first web site for them in 2005, and we hope that this one will last them another seven years at least.

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