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Improving Google Visibility with Schema

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Improving Google Visibility with Schema

Done properly, a good idea, some good content and good coding can give fantastic search engine results.

We work with Windows Plus, a Gateshead based company that specialises in replacing your old conservatory roof with a new warm roof, that keeps your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in winter.  Windows Plus wanted to improve their visibility in Google's search engine results pages, and this is how we did it.

Their customers often ask the same questions, so we took these and added a frequently asked questions section to the Windows Plus 'replacement roofs' page.  Here's how they look on the website:

replacement roofs faq

In the HTML code for this page we enhanced the code around these FAQs with something called structured data, which is extra code around the visible text that gives Google more details about what it is.

Now if anyone searches Google for "warm roofs gateshead" these questions and answers appeared under the Windows Plus existing listing, which is great!  Not only does this give their listing in Google more visibility, it also pushes their competitors further down the page. 

google search results for warm roofs gateshead

Try it yourself here:

Featured Snippet

And better still, if you search google for one of the questions that's in the FAQ, such as "how long do warm roof installations take" Google returns the answer from their web page as what's called the 'featured snippet', which appears above the organic listings, below the ads.

google featured snippet

You can see it here:

This give tremendous authority to their website, that their answer appears above sites like Quora, and gives them excellent visibility to potential customers.

If you think your website could benefit from an increase in natural search engine traffic please get in touch.

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