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ICANN Domain Validation

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ICANN Domain Validation

New worldwide regulations have come into force for .com .net and .org domain names that require an email to be sent to all customers asking them to verify their email address.

If you are in any doubt that this is not a legitimate email please just forward it to us. The email will never ask you for passwords - it will just ask you to click on a link. So please be aware that fraudsters may take the opportunity to scam you.

It is important that you either click the link (if you feel confident) or email it to us (and then call) right away - because if you ignore it then ICANN will suspend your domain name and email until the link is clicked.

We are here to help all of our customers through this - please just ask.

The subject of the email will be like this:

Who will the email be from?
The email will be from one of our suppliers, and not our email address.

What if I don't get an email?
Not all clients will receive an email, because we are the admin contact.

When will I get sent a validation email?
If we have bought a domain name for you since January 2014, if you have had your contact details updated or if your domain name has been renewed or transferred.

Where will the link take me in the email?
The link should only take you to

What should I do if I forget to validate the request?
Please call us as soon as you can so that we action your validation, otherwise your domain name may be suspended. (not by us but by ICANN)

Why is this happening?
We agree that this is confusing, worrying for your domain name and open to abuse. This system has been implemented by ICANN, the ultimate authority for .com domain names. If you are concerned please call us.

Who is ICANN?
ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers co-ordinates the mapping of domain names to IP addresses that point to email and websites. Without a single body to do this co-ordination the Internet would not be World Wide. It was formed in 1998 to protect against the abuse of domain names and keep the domain name system stable. There are over 150 million so called TLDs (.com, .net etc.)


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