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How to Increase Conversions with Video

Graham Miller Posted by Graham Miller Email Graham
How to Increase Conversions with Video

Last month Animoto, a video creation firm, released some survey results that reinforce the power of using video on your web site.

They surveyed 1014 people and found

  • 96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online
  • 73% are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video that explains the product
  • 71% say that videos leave a positive impression of the company

The closer a customer can get to the real life touch and feel of your product the more likely they are to buy it from you. And you don't need to be a Hollywood Director to add video to your web site. Simple smartphone videos can work wonders.

We'd recommend that you:

  • show what your product can do, and shoot it in 360 degrees
  • keep videos short, and targeted to your individual product or service
  • don't mention times or events, as this could date your video quickly
  • tell your viewer what you want them to do (buy it, get in touch)
  • choose a useful filename (rather than anothervideo.mp4)

Whether you decide to host it on your web site, or host it on YouTube and embed it into your web site is a choice that depends on the type of content.

YouTube makes it easy to upload, convert and share your videos (and it's free!) but self-hosted videos don't have any advertising, and with Schema and Open Graph tags you can get extra SEO benefits.

One solution is to pop your "trailer" onto YouTube, and have the "feature presentation" on your own web site.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, videos are worth a thousand pictures, get in touch and we can talk about how video can help you.

You can read the Animoto article here.