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Five Reasons you need a Mobile Friendly Website

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Five Reasons you need a Mobile Friendly Website

We've all noticed it. More and more of our internet consumption is coming through our smartphones and websites are adapting to suit are mobile browsing needs.

But why should you make your website more friendly for mobile users? Surely mobile users are in the minority? Well not anymore. Here's 5 simple and straightforward reasons you should make your website mobile friendly today:

1. Mobile browsing is rising

Mobile browsing now accounts for 10% of internet usage worldwide and it is reported that 25% of US Internet shopping on Black Friday was done through mobile and tablet devices.

The same report showed that Europe's mobile browsing has gone up by 183% in the last year!

2. You could get left behind

You may have noticed that your competitors are getting mobile websites. This means that they are catering to customers that you aren't and ultimately this is a customer base you are missing out on.

3. Mobile sites are better than Desktop sites for certain tasks

Having your website linked to your mobile phone means tasks such as searching for and contacting local businesses are much easier and quicker. You can link up to the users Map software or take them straight to their keypad to make a phone call instantaneously.

Also with the limited real-estate, many of the extra features that aren't relevant when using a mobile device are cut out leaving you with only what you need.

4. Your desktop site hasn't been optimised for mobile

By this we mean, yes you can see you website but it will be the bloated version you have waited the extra time to download and buttons aren't big enough for you to use your thumb with and so on.

A mobile friendly site is one that has adapted to your device and taken those extra considerations in mind

5. Being ready for the future

Mobile website consumption has been on the increase for the last few years and is only going to rise. By making your site mobile friendly or by utilising responsive web design you are preparing for the future and covering all types of user (and device).

If you would like to talk to us about creating a mobile friendly website for your business, please call us on 01325 489 300

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