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Find Out if Your Web Site is Mobile Friendly

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Find Out if Your Web Site is Mobile Friendly

If you've searched Google on a mobile phone, you might have noticed the new 'mobile friendly' label next to qualifying search results.

If your website is mobile friendly this can help to drive traffic to your website rather than a non-mobile-friendly competitor from searches carried out on smartphones and tablets.

Here's a screenshot of Google's search results for 'web design newcastle' on my iPhone:

mobile friendly google results

To qualify as 'mobile friendly' you'll need to make sure that your website

  1. doesn't use flash
  2. has text that is readable
  3. is reponsive, and adapts the content to fit the screen being used to view it
  4. has links far enough apart so they are easy to click

You can find out if your web site qualifies using the google mobile friendly test tool at  If if you don't pass the test, Google will let you know what improvements you need to make.

If you'd like us to make your website 'mobile friendly' please get in touch.  

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