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Featured by .Net Magazine

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Featured by .Net Magazine

Our web site redesign was featured by .net magazine, as part of a tutorial on how to create Responsive web sites.

Internet usage on mobile phones is accelerating, so having a web site that works well on a mobile phone is an essential part of today's web design. Our new site is responsive, which means that it has been designed to adapt to the screen being used to view it - whether that's a desktop monitor, a tablet or a smartphone.

We've been creating responsive web sites for a while, and we thought it was about time we updated our own, and we were very happy when .net magazine asked us to write about the process.

The web moves pretty fast, we keep up to date by reading blogs, going to conferences and watchng twitter, but we still subscribe to one magazine, and that's .net, so it was a privilege to be able to write something for them.

You can see the tutorial here:

If you're looking for someone that can craft a web site that can be delivered to your audience on every device please get in touch.

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