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Bespoke Online Store or Off The Shelf solution?

Graham Miller Posted by Graham Miller Email Graham
Bespoke Online Store or Off The Shelf solution?

The value of the UK eCommerce market in 2012 was estimated at £78 billion and with low overheads and quick setup times many small businesses are finding it easier to get a piece of the action with their own online store.

If you are new to ecommerce then choosing which type of web site can be tricky, and that's where we can help.  There are two main routes: either have your own bespoke ecommerce store developed just for you or use an off-the-shelf ecommerce package.

Option 1: Bespoke

A bespoke ecommerce store means that you can tailor your online store around your specific business and your customers.  The majority of our eCommerce clients are bespoke sites, such as Schofield & Sims and Linen 4 Less.

Option 2: Off The Shelf

'Off the shelf' eCommerce packages such as Shopify are an easy entry into the eCommerce market, they provide you with templates that you can customise for your store.  We have just finished work on a Shopify store for local offers website NE Offers

While Shopify is excellent for small stores with regular products, further Shopify customisation is limited.  Many shop owners can find themselves outgrowing their Shopify store as their business expands, creating a bespoke store intially could have saved them the extra time and development needed to migrate their store.

So Which Is Best?

We love to create bespoke online shopping sites, but we're just as happy to customize an off-the-shelf package for you.  Get in touch and we can help you to decide which is the best option for you and your business.