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Are you getting the right links from Google?

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Are you getting the right links from Google?

Go to google and search for your business name.

Underneath your listing you should see some smaller links, to sub sections of your site, these are called sitelinks.  (If you search for Edward Robertson the sitelinks are 'who we are', 'what we do', 'blog' and 'contact us'.)
If you don't get any of these sitelinks it means your site navigation can't be parsed by google - this is bad news if you want your inner pages to rank in search engine results.
If your listing does include sitelinks (and if we created your web site it ought to) make sure they are linking to your important pages.  You can remove pages from sitelinks using your google webmaster toolbox.  But remember, the more sitelinks you have, the greated the chance of someone clicking into your site

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