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Activity Day at Camp Hill

Simon Crisp Posted by Simon Crisp Email Simon

Our activity afternoon at Camp Hill was absolutely fantastic.

Starting off with an assault course, which was said to take 15 minutes but we blitzed in 13, we then got in the mood for the other fun activities and challenges to come.

The team task conundrum tested our thinking as a group and was quite tricky. We had to get from one highpoint to the next without touching the floor and only using 2 planks which were too short to bridge the gaps. Quite a tester but we all figured it out… after much thought and effort, but it was a good laugh.

Then we went to “downed plane” and received instructions to build an A-frame using ropes, pullies and 3 huge stakes of wood which would be used to transport our marooned bosses over a moat. The A-frame was an A-frame of sorts, sturdy and strong but alas not high enough to hold the ropes which our bosses would be suspended from. Needless to say, they got a soaking!

At the archery range our guide Eric showed us how to hold, aim and fire arrows and the miniature robin hood contest began. The coveted first place rested on the fate of one arrow and Graham pulled off a cracking “bullseye” taking the number one spot and finishing the competition.

Blasting round a course in the Gemini Liberator off road buggies was the best way to end the day, and blast we did!

In conclusion - good weather, fine company and a great time was had by all. Bring on our next Camp Hill afternoon!