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A quick guide to getting more links

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A quick guide to getting more links

We all know that getting other people to link to your site can help increase the optimisation, and traffic your site gets, but some struggle with actually doing it.

Here are ten tips of getting incoming links to your site that you can read with a sandwich in your hand this lunch.  They are mostly free, all you need is some time.

  1. Have a Blog.  A blog, especially one you update often, will generate lots of lovely content, all of which will link back to your site.
  2. Use Twitter.  Although links to your site from your twitter feed don't carry any "link juice" (and yes, that's a technical term) tweets with links to your site can appear in Google and Bing's search results, and links from the twitter aggregator sites do count as incoming links.  
  3. Local Organisations.  If you join your local chamber of commerce, business network or other organisation you can usually get a link from their site to yours.
  4. Dmoz. Although it can take a long time to get a listing, a link from Dmoz is extremely valuable, so it's worth the effort.  And it's free.
  5. Niche Directories.  There are always directories specialising in your niche, whatever it is. Links from these topically relevant, trusted sources will give you a boost.
  6. Comment on News Stories.  If you see a news article that's relevant to your site, and if the web site lets you, write a comment with a link to your site.  And don't just spam it, write something interesting and show that you're the expert in this field.
  7. Guest Blog.  If you're up to a bit of writing, search google for your keywords followed by "guest blogger".  You should find some sites that will link to you in return for some well written content.
  8. Press Releases.  If you can craft a well written press release containing links to your web site, then submit this to online PR agency sites (such as PR Web). With a bit of luck your release will get picked up buy  news sites around the globe, all featuring a link back to you.
  9. Social Bookmarking.  Create accounts with Digg, Reddit and Stumbleupon, and bookmark web pages you're interested in.  Bookmark your own site too (although not too much) and hey presto, incoming links.
  10. Facebook.  Create a facebook page for your business, with a link back to your web site.  The more fans you have, the value you bring to your business.
Can we help?  If you would like us to help with any of these link building methods please get in touch.

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