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Suite of Learning Aids

St Aidan's Learning Toolbox

St Aidan's Learning Toolbox

St Aidan's tasked us with designing a suite of learning aids for their secondary pupils, based on some well-known concepts: Edward de Bono's 6 Thinking Hats, The Three Storey Intellect and Thinking Maps. It was important that they be visually consistent, appealing and clear. Disappointed with existing examples, we set out with an ambitious target of bettering every previous implementation of these concepts.

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St Aidan's Learning Toolbox

March 2017

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We took a ground-up approach to the concepts in the Learning Toolbox, ensuring that the clarity of purpose for each element was the central concern.
Thinking Hats became the more youthful Thinking Caps, we reimagined the Three Storey Intellect as Three Peaks and we simplified many of the Thinking Maps. This was all packaged in what we termed the 'Learning Toolbox.'
A consistent, fun style was employed across the visuals. Many of the same graphical elements were reused where appropriate to create a friendly, coherent and - above all - useful suite of learning tools.


St Aidan's were 'blown away' with the quality of work we produced for them - and agree that we hit our target of doing this better than anyone else has managed in the past.
The artwork will be used in presentations in the classroom, and we also produced 40 large-scale posters to be used around the school.

I really enjoyed the deep level of thought required to simplify a lot of these concepts, and make them more accessible. Producing the artwork was also good fun. It's been very rewarding to work on something that will, hopefully, help pupils enhance their means of learning.

Allen Brindle
Allen Brindle
Principal Senior Web Designer

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