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Client: Shaftesbury Care Group

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 the brief

Shaftesbury Care Group strive to bring happiness to all residents in their care and our job was to design and build a responsive website that showed that.

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Client: Shaftesbury Care Group
Website URL: http://www.shaftesburycaregroup.co.uk

Shaftesbury Care Group

Project Image
Project Image

 how we tackled it

As a starting point we created the branding for Shaftesbury Care Group. Working closely with Care Living, the design of website followed on from this. The site needed to be fully responsive.

 the result

The result is a fully responsive website, with a new brand identity. We look forward to working with Care Living in the future.

"I enjoyed producing the branding for Shaftesbury Care Group. Seeing the brand develop has been great."

Allen Brindle
Allen Brindle

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