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Responsive website for a recruitment company

PK Recruitment

PK Recruitment

How do you promote yourself as the expert in your sector?

Recruitment for the recruitment industry is a niche business.  PK Recruitment wanted to show themselves as the expert in this field.

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PK Recruitment

April 2019

  • CMS
  • Responsive design
  • Social media integration
  • Structured data


We listened to what makes PK Recruitment different, and then worked to promote their selling points and their values in their new website.

We created a unique design to help them stand out from their competitors, and we programmed structured data into the job listings, to improve their visibility in google.

Our CMS makes it easy for them to keep the job vacancies, and the rest of the website up to date.

PK Recruitment
PK Recruitment

We delivered an entire overhaul of their website, and I think their new one is just the job.

Graham Miller
Graham Miller

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