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Client: Penny Hydraulics

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 the brief

Penny Hydraulics design, manufacture and install lifting equipment. They wanted to bring all of their company websites together to create a unified, responsive website for their diverse products.

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Client: Penny Hydraulics
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Penny Hydraulics

Project Image
Project Image

 how we tackled it

We worked with their marketing team and their SEO agency to create something that is not only easy to navigate but brings their products to life.  Integrating product reviews, the latest downloads and detailed feature information gives Penny's customers what they need.  

We also added in XML sitemaps, schema markup and a CMS with access to all of the page meta tags to satisfy all of the SEO requirements.

 the result

We hope that the new website gives Penny Hydraulics a lift, and helps them to showcase their catalogue to prospective customers and increase their product enquiries and conversions.

"The Penny Hydraulics website has been given a great facelift and their extensive product catalogue has never looked better."

Paul Tissington
Paul Tissington

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