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Website for Lottery funded scheme

Coast Care

Coast Care

How do you launch a brand new Lottery funded initiative?

Coast Care is a new initiative created to train, support and resource volunteers to contribute to the management and conservation of the Northumberland coastline from Berwick to Amble.

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Coast Care

August 2017

  • CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Easy to use CMS
  • Coded for fast SEO crawling

We were asked to help launch their initiative and create a space where they could inform current volunteers about new events and sustain a drive to recruit new volunteers.

We designed the site to make a real effort to help recruit new volunteers whilst making current ones feel included and invested in the projects Coast Care had.

Being active on social media meant that there was a great opportunity to utilise this in the new website; we wanted to help get people following and liking their posts but also using the site as a space to gain vital information.

Our CMS was then optimised to help them easily post new events and get information to users quickly and in a digestible format.

Coast Care
Coast Care


The website has been a big success and Coast Care has hit the ground running in recruiting new volunteers and starting new projects. As the momentum continues, we hope that the website will grow to become an even bigger source of information for people to get involved with their local community.

Coast Care is a great opportunity to get the local community involved in a great scheme so we're really proud of the end result.

Paul Tissington
Paul Tissington
Head of Design
Graham Miller
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